Individual Music Lessons

Piano Lessons

Most popular instrument.

Students of all ages who enjoy playing virtuosic classical pieces or sentimental popular ballad tunes will be captivated by the fascinating tone and beautiful sound of the piano.  

Piano is one of the most popular instruments for young beginners. Piano lessons will increase children's eye-hand coordination, improve the fine motor skills, and reading and playing music allows them to think creatively and critically which improve their concentration and decision making skill.

Strings Lessons

Join the orchestra.

Playing string instruments helps with the development of left and right brain coordination in a greater scale comparing with brass instrument and keyboard instrument, due to the different technique used on each hand. It is ideal for students to have a good balance between the usage of both sides of their brain right from when they are young. 

Strings players also have the privilege to join the orchestra and ensemble. Through rehearsals and performances, they can share their skills with each other, gain learning and performing experience and have fun at the same time. 




Social Skills


Left & right





Guitar Lessons

Classical, acoustic and electric.

Guitar is probably one of the most travelled musical instrument owing to it's light weight, small size and ability to provide accompaniment for singers, bands, as well as a solo performance.

Our Acoustic Guitar Lesson focuses on training our student's ability to play the guitar while singing along to their favourite popular songs. On the other hand, the Classical and Finger-style Guitar Lesson aims to assist students with their finger plucking technique and also music note reading skills as well as preparation for graded examination such as AMEB guitar exams.

Learn to

Play & sing

Learn to








Vocal Lessons

Express your emotion.

Singing makes people feel good because it improves our mental health and releases endorphins into the bloodstream, which creates the feel good factor. Through expressing the emotion to all different types of songs, singing will help anyone from children at school to adult at workplace to overcome shyness and become confident.

Learn how to control your breathing to achieve effortless singing and keep up with your singing progress such as if you are pitching the notes perfectly with our professional vocal coaching.

Early Childhood Music

Fun Music Class! 

Exclusive to Calamvale centre.

Activities include singing, instrument playing, movement, introduction to basic musical concepts and instruments, and music appreciation. 

  • Develop a sense of pitch and rhythm, aural skill and listening skill to help in future music learning

  • Develop early literacy through learning to read and write music signs, letter names and notes

  • Develop fine and gross motor skill, oral language, social skill, creativity, self-expression and confidence

  • Limited class size allows individual support and attention. Small Class maximum 5 students.