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All new group guitar course for up to 5 students - children's fun path to guitar lessons!

Man Playing Guitar

Let's Play


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Hey there, future guitar players! Ready to join Guitar Crew and have some fun?


Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Six String Magic
    You'll get to know each of the guitar's six strings really well.

  2. Reading Music
    We'll show you how to read music, like a secret code for guitar players.

  3. Simple Chords
    You'll learn some easy chords that'll kickstart your guitar journey.

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons

Unlock Your Guitar Skills!

In our big group lessons, you'll also:

  • Listen Up
    Learn to listen carefully, a super important skill for playing guitar.

  • Guitar Basics
    Master the basics of guitar and music.

  • Teamwork
    Discover how to play together like a real band!

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Boys in Guitar Class

Your Guitar Journey Starts Here!

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We believe in teaching you everything there is to know about guitar and music. First, we'll start with reading music, then move on to tabs (which are like cheat codes for guitar!), and finally, chords.

By learning all these cool things, you'll be able to choose your own path. Maybe you'll go the classical route, become a rockstar, or maybe a bit of both! It's all up to you.

So, get ready to strum, learn, and have a blast with Guitar Crew!

Guitar Lessons
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Group classes are fun because kids learn with friends, feel less nervous, practice more, and get better at playing together.


Don't worry if you're just starting or if you've been playing for a while – we've got something for everyone!

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Programs suitable for

Students age 5 - 12


$385 per 11-week term | $35 per week
($420 if 12-week term)

Class Duration

45 minutes

Guitar Lessons

3 Week Trial

Book a 3-week trial class for only $75 (normally $105).


If you continue, we'll apply the $75 to your term fees, making the trial classes free!

Terms & conditions:

  • New students only.

  • Offer ends May 31st.

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