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Sheet Music

Lesson Fees

Individual Music Lessons

Core Teachers

30 mins: $41
45 mins: $59
60 mins: $79

Lead Teachers

30 mins: $48
45 mins: $70
60 mins: $88

Principal Teachers

30 mins: $58
45 mins: $80
60 mins: $98

Lesson Length Guide

30 mins lessons: Beginners to AMEB Grade 1

45 mins lessons: AMEB Grade 2 to Grade 4

60 mins lessons: AMEB Grade 5 and above

Having shorter lessons at higher playing level will show slower progress.

Group Classes

Piano Pals, Guitar Crew, String Squad

45 mins: $35

Note: $10 Admin Fee and Teaching Resources Levy will be charged per term for each instrument.
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Sheet Music
Sheet Music

School Policy

Q: How many weeks are there in a Term?
Q: What should I do if I couldn't attend my scheduled lesson?

View the enrolment policy, cancellation policy, and school policy to find out more, or please feel free to contact us.

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