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All new group Violin course for up to 5 students - children's fun path to String lessons!


Fun Learning 

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for Young Musicians

String Squad offers an exciting approach to music education for children aged 6 to 12!


With years of testing, our method ensures quick progress and early success.


Instead of traditional sheet music, we focus on active learning through singing, finger demonstrations, and rhythmic activities!

Violin lesson

Let's Make Music Fun!

At String Squad, we use cool stuff like singing, finger games, and clapping to learn music.


And guess what? No more music stands or sitting still all the time - we like to move and groove while we play!

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Practicing Violin

Your Violin Journey Starts Here!

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Get ready for an amazing adventure ahead! Throughout this journey, you'll discover lots of new things you never knew before. The key is to enjoy making music and having a blast.


Learning to play an instrument is an incredible skill that you can cherish forever, even after school is done.


You'll develop your listening skills, learn to play alongside others in a string orchestra, and work hard to get better each and every week!

Play the violin
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Group classes are fun because kids learn with friends, feel less nervous, practice more, and get better at playing together.


Don't worry if you're just starting or if you've been playing for a while – we've got something for everyone!

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Programs suitable for

Students age 6 - 12


$385 per 11-week term | $35 per week

($420 if 12-week term)

Class Duration

45 minutes


3 Week Trial

Book a 3-week trial class for only $75 (normally $105).


If you continue, we'll apply the $75 to your term fees, making the trial classes free!

Terms & conditions:

  • New students only.

  • Offer ends May 31st.

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