Frequently Asked Questions

Can I know more about your trial lesson?

Yes of course! The trial lesson is a 30mins proper lesson with the teacher and it is $30 (For all instruments and Early Childhood Music). You will receive a $30 Music Creators Gift Voucher once you have enrolled for the Term after the trial lesson. The Gift Voucher can be used to purchase any items at Music Creators Underwood store (Shop online

Individual lessons - The trial lesson is a one on one lesson with your teacher. You can experience teacher’s teaching and also for teacher to better understand your child’s level, so that they can better plan the lessons and help to find suitable method books for your child. If you have been learning, please bring along all the method books you have to the trial lesson.

Early Childhood Music lessons – The Early Childhood Music class is a small class of maximum 5 students. We try to keep it a relatively small group so that teacher could have their focus on each student and make sure the progress is consistent.

Does my child need to learn piano before learning the violin (or other instruments)?

Students can start on any instrument at their young age (4 year old and above). Nowadays, there are more and more method books designed for young beginners to start on violin/guitar/cello so it is suitable to start on the instrument straight away.

Teacher will be teaching rhythms, music reading to start with instead of getting into difficult technique with young beginners.​Teacher will also incorporate both games and instrument playing in the lessons.

How long should my lesson be? 

30 mins - Young beginners

Young children do have relatively short attention span and a 30 minutes lesson is recommended so that they can concentrate better. They could also have longer 45mins lessons which includes music theory if preferred.


45 mins - Intermediate students (preparing for exams) or mature students

Intermediate students who are preparing for exams and mature student are recommended to have 45 minute or 60 minute lessons because the pieces they will be learn are usually longer, which will take more time to go through in the lesson. And they will also have studies, exercises, and additional materials on top of the pieces they’re learning.​


60 mins - Advanced / Adult students

Student doing AMEB Grade 4 and above and adult students are recommended to have 60 minutes lesson because they can concentrate better and go through more variety of materials in the lesson: such as pieces (or songs), studies, and exercises with detailed explanation and discussion with their teachers.   

Do I need to bring my own instrument to the lesson?

For Trial Lesson - Have you already got a violin/cello/guitar?
If you do, please bring your instrument to the trial lesson.

If you don't, we can prepare a suitable sized instrument for your trial lesson for an extra $10.
We do not recommend to rush into buying an instrument until you have a trial lesson. Your teacher will let you know the correct size and style of instrument that is suitable for you.

For Normal Lessons - Yes, students bring their own instrument to lessons, except for piano students.
Every student should have their own instrument to practice at home. If you haven’t got an instrument, let us know and we can help to find a suitable instrument for you. 

How many weeks do we have in a Term?

Usually 12 weeks or 11 weeks. Our Term could be longer than Queensland State School’s Term.

Why is Music Creators' Term longer?

This is because a lot of parents actually prefer to have music lessons during the holiday. If you wish to go away for holiday, please feel free to let us know in advance to reschedule your lessons.

Students preparing for their exams will be able to maintain consistent progress, rather than stopping lessons for half a month due to the school holiday.

Do we have music lessons during school holiday?

Yes we do, for some weeks of school holidays. Our Terms usually goes into one or two weeks of school holiday.

We usually have 4-5 weeks holiday between Dec - Jan at the end of the year.
We usually start 1 week before school reopens at the beginning of the year.

When does the term start and finish?

For the updated term dates, please click here: Music Creators Term Dates
We either start one week before the school starts or finish one week later than the school. Please check the date and let us know if you will be away.

Do you organise concerts to give students performance opportunity?

Yes we do, we organise student concerts and music festival annually.

We encourage students perform on stage as much as possible, especially in their young age. That is the reason whey we have been organising annual Solo Concerts for student to perform their solo pieces either by themselves or with their teacher (for beginners). Students get to be part of the concert and practice performing on stage, as well as enjoying other students and teacher's performance to get inspired.

We also organise music festival which in the past has included Gala Concert, master classes, workshops, and music related activities. In the Gala Concert, we get students to participate and perform in groups: Junior and Senior String Orchestra, Junior and Senior Guitar Ensembles, Choirs, Early Childhood Music Group etc