Teacher's Guide for Online Lessons


2 cameras view on Skype using ManyCam

  • Download ManyCam on laptop and phone/tablet

  • Create an account and login on all devices

  • Open ManyCam and add 2nd device with "Mobile App", choose your phone/tablet

  • Open Skype and select "ManyCam Virtual Webcam" as your video input (instead of your laptop's built in webcam), Your image might seem mirrored on Skype but don't worry, it shows the correct ways from the student's side. 

  • Go back to ManyCam and conduct lessons viewing ManyCam


  • Download Zoom

  • Log in (Same as Skype login)

  • Click "New Meeting"

  • Click "Participants" 

  • Click "Admit" to let your student in. If your student is not there, wait for them to appear.

  • If you're using laptop, click "Turn on Original Sound" on top left corner to get better sound quality.