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Music Creators Solo Concerts

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15th October 2023, Sunday

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Music Creators's students will be performing on stage as a soloist or duet with their teacher, sharing their love of music and inspiring each other. 

Music Solo

Venue, Date
And Time


Sunday, 15 October 2023

10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm

  • The number of concerts is subject to change depending on the number of registrations.

  • Performers will be allocated a session time 1-2 weeks before the concert date.

Important Notes

  • Audience Ticket $10
    Audience tickets are $10 each. If your children are performing in 2 or more solo concerts, you'll only need to buy 1 audience ticket to attend all the concerts. Tickets are required to attend the concerts. Children age 4 and below can book a free ticket.

  • Piano Accompaniment $50
    Violin, viola, cello, and vocal students will have the option to perform with a piano accompanist. Please check with your teacher if you need a piano accompanist. A 15 minutes rehearsal will be organised on a separate date prior to the concert. A $50 accompaniment fee (not included in the ticket price) will be billed after registration to cover the accompanist fee (15 minutes rehearsal + performance). ​

  • Music Creators Students only
    This event is exclusively for Music Creators students to perform only. Audience tickets are open to public.

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How to

  1. Decide how many performer(s) you wish to register.

  2. Add the quantity "1" for either:
    1 performer
    2 Siblings
    3 Siblings
    4 Siblings

    - Additional Instrument
    Perform on one (1) additional instrument | Suitable for students learning 2 instruments

  3. Please enter each performer's details in the following "Ticket Holders Information" section(s).

  4. Click the button below to start the registration.

Closing date: 17 Sept 2023

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