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Sheet Music
Hammers and Keys

AMEB Music Exams

Students and parents, please confirm your details TODAY for Music Creators to enrol your exam.


For AMEB exams enrolments.

01 Confirm Your Enrolment

After receiving the email with your exam details, click the "Confirm Now" button above immediately to fill in the Parent Student's Confirmation Form.

02 Payments

Wait for the exam fees invoice, which you'll receive once your exam is officially enrolled with AMEB.

03 Receive Exam Date

Once you get the exam date and time, ask your teacher for a printed A4 paper of the Candidate Examination Slip and fill it in.

04 Attend the Exam

Make sure to bring the following to your exam:

  • Original AMEB books or sheets music (no photocopies allowed).

  • Filled-in Candidate Examination Slip.

  • Your instrument and accessories.

05 Receive Certificate

Upon passing the exam, you'll receive a certificate. Achieving results of B and above will also earn you a trophy from Music Creators as recognition.

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