Spring Music Festival

Online Solo Concerts 2020

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How to register?

  • Click "Register" to complete the booking.

  • Only available for Music Creators students.

  • Closing date: Monday, 31 August

How to record and send?

  • Record - Your performance on high quality video camera, smartphone or tablet.

    • One(1) piece with no time limit (an additional piece is allowed if the first one is less than 30 seconds).

    • Record video horizontally. 

    • Do not move the video camera during performance.

    • Bow and give a big smile at the end.

  • Rename - Your video file name to indicate: 
    Student's Full Name - Piece Title (Composer) - Instrument
    E.g. John Smith - Lightly Row (Franz Wiedemann) - Violin

  • Email - Your video file to events@musiccreators.com.au or upload to YouTube/Drop Box/Google Drive/iCloud and send us the link to download your video. Send in your recording before 20 September

Live Stream - Online Solo Concerts

(Pre-recorded Student Performances)


  • Online Solo Concerts featuring student's pre-recorded performance will be live streamed on Sunday 11 October

  • Your concert time will be emailed to you.

  • All participants will receive a certificate of participation.