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Keyboard Group Program


Students of all ages who enjoy playing virtuosic classical pieces or sentimental popular ballad tunes will be captivated by the fascinating tone and beautiful sound of the piano.

Violin Lesson (Small) 1

Strings Group Program


Playing string instruments helps with the development of left and right brain coordination in a greater scale comparing with brass instrument and keyboard instrument, due to the different technique used on each hand.

Guitar Group Program


Guitar is probably one of the most travelled musical instrument owing to its light weight, small size and ability to provide accompaniment for singers, bands, as well as a solo performance.

Guitar Lesson (Small) 1

Vocal Group Program


Singing makes people feel good because it improves our mental health and releases endorphins into the bloodstream, which creates the feel good factor.

Vocal Lesson (Small).png

Early Childhood

Age 2-4, up to 5 students in a class. Activities include singing, instrument playing, movement, introduction to basic musical concepts and instruments, and music appreciation.

Childhood Music (Small) 1

Exclusive to Underwood School


Music Creators provides holiday lessons during term break holidays. Register now and we will contact you to confirm the dates and times!

Limited spaces available. Holiday lessons will be scheduled with your current teacher if she/he is available. Otherwise, another qualified teacher will be taking your lessons.

Register before the end of term to receive 10% off normal lesson rate for holiday lessons.

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