Covid-19 (Teachers)

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COVID-safe measures

For teachers​

All Music Creators teachers are responsible for: 

  1. Following guidance in relation to adhering to COVID-safe measures by any Music Creators administration and management team member;

  2. Adhering to all COVID-19 protocols outlined below while working;

  3. Not attending lessons in person if they, or any member of their household falls
    into the following categories: 

    • Awaiting a COVID-19 test result;

    • Has tested positive for COVID-19 (exclusion period will apply - until the
      person returns a negative PCR or RAT test, or 7 days after having no
      symptoms) or;

    • Is experiencing any symptoms of: severe headache, fever, sore throat, cough, breathlessness, blocked/runny nose (not related to hayfever/allergies), nausea or vomiting, regardless of severity. 
      Video lessons may be offered in these cases. See below for full policy.

4. Informing the school administration immediately if they, or any member of their household tests positive for COVID-19 within 7 days of having last attended work. 

Vaccination Requirements 

Music Creators is aligning with QLD Education Department policy regarding staff members being fully vaccinated, or to have a valid medical exemption, in order to work on premises. If you have a medical exemption certificate, please provide us with a copy. If you are not fully vaccinated and do not have an exemption, please inform us immediately and we will discuss timelines with you. 

Fully vaccinated means that staff need to have a proof of vaccination certificate from Medicare, or have been vaccinated with an approved international vaccine as listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

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Teacher's Guide for Online Lessons

COVID-19 protocols

  1. Density limits apply to the studios. 

    • The waiting area has a strict maximum number of people permitted at any one time. Please encourage parents to remain outside if students are already waiting inside, and make sure the maximum number of people is not exceeded.

    • If the maximum number of people has been reached, please hold conversations with parents outside the studio or in your teaching room to reduce numbers inside.

    • All persons over 18 years of age, including teachers, must use the Check-In QLD code at the door when they enter, even if they are only coming in briefly.

    • One parent may enter a teaching room along with their child, except in Calamvale Room A (front piano room). Any parent who wants to observe a lesson must show proof of double vaccination.

  2. Teachers must bring their video lesson device to work, because in the following circumstances, students will not be permitted to attend their lesson in person:
    If the student or anyone in their household is: 

    • Awaiting a COVID-19 test result;

    • Has tested positive for COVID-19 (exclusion period will apply – until student returns a negative PCR or RAT test, or 7 days after having no symptoms) or;

    • Is experiencing any symptoms of: severe headache, fever, sore throat, cough, breathlessness, blocked/runny nose (not related to hayfever/allergies), nausea or vomiting, regardless of severity.

    • There has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the student’s school year within the last 7 days (exclusion period for 7 days)
      Students in these categories may have a video lesson or a make-up lesson. The school must be notified no less than two hours prior to receive a make-up.

    • In the event of students choosing a make-up lesson, teachers will be paid when the make-up lesson occurs. 

    • Teachers are expected to have their video lesson device with them and charged/bring their charger in the event of a student needing to switch lesson format on the day.

    • For all other cancellations, the usual 24-hour make-up lesson policy applies.

      If a teacher is unable to attend lessons due to the COVID-safe policy, the teacher can request the administration to change their schedule to video for that day and to organise make-up lessons for the remaining students who do not take video lessons.

  3. All teachers must sanitise their hands or wash with soap prior to entering the classroom, before eating and after using the restroom. 

    • If any physical contact is made with any student or any of their learning
      materials (books, diary, instrument etc.), teachers must sanitise their hands
      or wash with soap immediately after.

    • Teachers are advised to avoid all physical contact with students. Teaching is
      suggested to involve demonstrations and instructions only.


  4. Students are not recommended to touch classroom door handles.

    • Teachers should open and close the classroom door for students at the beginning and end of their lesson. 

  5. Students must bring all of their own music books and items (such as rosin for string players, picks for guitarists, rock stop for cellists). 

    • Teachers should not lend any items or books to students who have left
      them at home. Students will not be permitted to make-up lesson in this case.

    • Teachers can work on aural and memorisation skills during the lesson in the event that a student has not brought any materials.

    • Teachers are requested to bring the necessary books for their teaching wherepossible. If a teacher does not have a copy of a book, it is suggested to use electronic resources or to situate themselves in a position where they can view the student’s book without making contact.

  6. All teachers must bring their own pencil, eraser and pen to lessons. 

    • Students have been directed to bring their own pencil to lessons, and should not use communal resources. If they do, the pencil must be cleaned after use. 

  7. Piano teachers must clean the keyboard between each student. Teachers using music stands must clean them between each student.

    • This must be done using the spray bottle of soapy water and tissues provided in each classroom. Tissues must be disposed of immediately in the dishes provided. 

  8. Strict 1.5m distancing must be adhered to inside the school at all times.

    • Teachers must remain at least 1.5m from students at all times, except in special cases where demonstrations are required.

    • Markings on the classroom floor showing distancing requirements must be followed.

    • When talking with parents, 1.5m distancing must be maintained.