Blue Card

As required by Government legislation, you are required to offer proof of clearance by the Commission for Children and Young People to work with school age children.


A Blue Card is needed if you are not a registered teacher before you are able to start working. Please follow the steps to apply for one and let Music Creators know as soon as you have submitted your application.

NO TEACHING of music students can take place until proof of the application form being submitted to the Commission has been received or a copy of the positive notice form that you have received from the Commission giving you clearance.  

How to apply:

  1. Visit Blue Card Service's government website: ​

  2. Fill in the form and make sure you answer all the questions (Business name is Your Name, make sure you have your ABN)

  3. Download and print your application

  4. Read and sign the declaration that confirms you are not disqualified from applying for a blue card

  5. Take your form to a prescribed person for sighting the your identification documents. A prescribed person is a: Justice of the Peace, Commissioner for Declarations, Lawyer, or Police Officer.

  6. Pay for your application online

  7. Submit your application

  8. Email your Blue Card Number to our General Manager ( once you received it.

Example questions asked: